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28 dic. 2010

Tempted - P.C Cast + Kristin Cast

Dark secrets and unspoken suspicious come between Zoey and Stevie Rae, putting their friendship - and the house of night at risk.

After Zoey Redbird and her gang have banished Kalona and Neferet, the fallen high priestress from Tulsa, you'd think they'd catch a break. But Zoey and her sexy warrior Stark both recovering from a brush with death, a break is just not in the forecast.

Zoey is haunted by her confusing yet elemental connection with A-ya, the ancient Cherokee maiden who was the only human able to kept Kalona's body and soul. How will A-ya's pull on her affect Zoey's ability to resist the dangerously seductive immortal?

Meanwhile, Stevie Rae, whith her super red vamp powers, always thought she could handle the stuff she's been keeping from her BFF. But mysterious, threatening force lurking in the tunnels under Tulsa is spreading. Stevie Rae won't confide where she's been and what she's doing, and Zoey is beginning to wonder just how she can trust the person she always thought would have her back.

Will their choices destroy them and will darkness consume the house of night? Find out in this next spectacular installment in the bestselling house of night series.

Creo que a algunos lectores les hará más difícil la lectura pero a mí me gustaron los diferentes puntos de vista, sobretodos los de Aphrodite es uno de mis personajes favoritos.

A veces siento que no puedo con las malas decisiones de algunos personajes, Seriously Stevie Rae..Rephaim? =/

Me entristeció mucho el final, sin querer dar spoilers, el es uno de mis personajes favoritos también, no estoy enamorada de el ni nada pero, creo que ya dije antes que me recuerda a alguien ^^