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1 dic. 2011

Breaking dawn comments!

Maybe a little late but here it is, my translation to: Mis comentarios sobre Breaking Dawn

Hello! im not here to review Breaking Dawn, im just gonna tell how i feel about the movie. I'll try not to spoil it but if you haven't read the book, don't read this post: 
 I loved when Edward told Bella about the time he was away from Carlisle, omg we could see him acting like a real vampire! and don't get me wrong, im just saying i love vampires who hunt or feed from human bloof somehow. I loved it!!! 
The wedding was beautiful!!! but i have to say i didn't love the dress that much, i liked the one Bella used when they were going to their honeymoon. This part of the movie, i think it was slow or maybe i was avid to watch what was next! haha. By the way Jacob was soo cutee!!

The honeymoon was pretty much as i imagined when i read the book, the sex.. ok i must confess it was like a dream! Robert Pattinson's back and all his freckles i want to count every single one of them!

The pregnancy and the birth was kinda creepy! to see how Bella was getting sick so bad, she looked anorexic, or death! the special effects crew did a great job. Other thing i loved was the fact that we could finally go inside the pack's mind and be part of ther thelepatic communication. I was just thinking.. poor Jake, he is suffering :(
The birth was the strongest part of the movie, it was gore and i think it can impress sensible people. Jacob again suffering and crying because Bella was dead, it was so sad. I really liked  the venom inside Bella's system i reminded me of matrix (another movie that i love) and what can i say about the results! great special effects again, she was gorgeous!!

Jacob imprint on Renesmee was something soo cute!! when she looked at him, Jacob Thoughts and how not capable of helping it he was at her feet. 
A surprise to me in this movie was Boo Boo Stewart! i really like his little eyes, i confess i didn't payed him to much attention before.
I like too what happens at the Volturi castle to people who doesen't how to write properly xD I think the songs were prefectly placed in all the movie, my favorites, Requiem on water and cold. Breaking dawn is my twilight series's favorite book, and i think the movie is my favorite so far, it has everything and im happy because i got to see it again at a premiere and i have  calendars, posters and some other souvenirs i will show you later!