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8 oct. 2010

Tales of Terror and Detection - Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe ( 1809 - 1849) Holds a unique place in American literature. Famous as a poet, he also penned short stories that are masterpieces of terror and suspense, infused with the horror and dread he knew from his fervish dreams and persisten fears of death.

Fortunately for lovers of mystery, Poe was attracted by logic and analysis as well as fantasy. Fascinated by narrative possibilities of tracking the perpetrator of a crime, he invented the modern detective story. 
This superb collection of five stories reveals Poe's virtuos gifts for both crime fiction and the macabre. Two of his famous tales, "The mistery of Marie Roget" and " The purloined letter"  recount the exploits of C. Auguste Dupin, the first important fictional detective. 

"WilliamWilson" is a chilling tale of crime and evil. The two remaining stories, "Ms. Found in a bottle" and the "Oblong box", subtly but relentlessly convey a sense of uneasem then dread, then outright terror.

I love Edgar Allan Poe since the day i read The black cat in an english class, i couldn't stop reading his tales and poems, he was such a great writer and i like his style so much.