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19 jul. 2016

Zzzquil VoxBox

Hello! Today im going to tell you about this Influenster VoxBox i got about a week ago. Its the Zzzquil VoxBox and i got it free complimentary and testing purposes. 

It helps you to fal lasleep in less than 20 minuts, soundly and refreshed, its non habit formig and ensures an 7 to 8 hours of sleep. 

So this is my case, and im sure its a lot of people's case. Im really tired during  the day, mornings are so hard for me, and i feel so alive at night when i should go to sleep. So i wait for the latest hour reading, watching tv or playing on my phone until i feel tired enough and even then i keep toss and turning on my bed for an hour or so. 

Of ocurse i was excited to try this!!  So i took them and i was feeling drousy and sleepy after 15 minutes and i do fell asleep easier it was definetely less time tossing and turning. Its active ingredient is benadryl but in this case is just for sleep not for pain treatment.

 I don't know if im going to try it again because im that kind of person who doesen't like to take pills or anything  for things like headaches, cramps or sleeping issues. Overall it was a nice try and i do recommend it for example when you have a special thing on the morning and you really really need to sleep well.