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11 oct. 2010

Death in the clouds - Agatha Christie

Twenty-one people have boarded the Prometheus at France's Le Bourget airport for a routine, one-day flight to London. But what begins as an ordinary excursion over the English Channel turns into a most extraordinary case of murder when a female passenger is shot with the venom-tipped dart of a South African blowpipe. Even more bizarre is that the killing could go completely unnoticed by any other passengers—including Hercule Poirot, the brilliant Belgian detective, sitting not fifteen feet from the victim.

 I knew Agatha Christie while i was searching as a book worm at my great grandmother's library, i dont remember wich book i read but i remember i read it in a couple of hours, and i was just a kid. 

I had to read this book as a final project for my english class like, two months ago, at first i wasn't so happy about it because i was reading more interesting books hahaha but once i wanted to know who was the murderer y couldn't stop reading =)

Again i tell you, read classic books !